Process Server

[notice title=”What is an Oklahoma process server?”]

An Oklahoma process server is a disinterested party who is licensed by the courts to serve civil process on other individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies. Process servers in Oklahoma go through a licensing process and must follow the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure. Some process servers only have a license to serve in a specific county or a few counties, while other process servers may serve papers statewide. An Oklahoma process server’s official legal title is “officer of the court”.[/notice]

[notice title=”Do process servers have to be bonded or insured?”]

According to the laws in the State of Oklahoma, a process server does have to carry a $5,000 bond from a private company. They are not required to hold other insurance, though it is advisable for an Oklahoma process server to carry professional liability insurance. Requirements in other states and jurisdictions vary. Please contact us or check with your local court clerk for requirements for these areas.

[notice title=”How may I effect proper civil service on another individual, business, or governmental agency?”]

There are four ways to serve documents on individuals, businesses, and governmental agencies in Oklahoma. Generally speaking, papers may be served by certified mail, through the use of a sheriff’s deputy, or via private process server. Each method can come with significant advantages and disadvantages, so it is vital that you carefully examine your case to see which is the most appropriate route for the parties involved.

The cheapest way to serve papers is to simply send the documents out to the person, business, or governmental agency you want served via certified mail. If a person, business, or governmental agency chooses this method of service, it is imperative that he/she/it obtains a return receipt as proof the person signed for the papers. The judge will need to see that in order to consider the service valid. However, while this may potentially prove to be the cheapest route, this manner of service comes with numerous drawbacks.

Many people will not want to sign for papers. If they do not, then the judge will not consider the mailed papers as “good service”. This could potentially delay your case, which could cost you more money and time. Now the person you want served know the papers are coming, and you have just lost the element of surprise.

In addition, the person might have moved, which means you will have to track him down, and the person or entity filing the suit might not have the time, resources, and/or knowledge to do so. Indeed, skip tracing is usually best left to the experts who are properly trained in the field.

In some cases a person or entity must have the papers served upon him/her/it personally. Most of the time if a person getting served is not there, the Oklahoma process server can simply leave the papers with someone else (i.e., family member, roommate, friend, colleague, etc.) who is over the age of fifteen (15). That person must reside with the individual or work at the business or governmental agency getting served. Of course, some documents and especially some states, such as Texas and California, require personal service. Thus, sending the documents via certified mail will simply not suffice.

Another method of service is to have the sheriff’s deputy go out and serve the papers on someone. While they can certainly look official and all, many people complain that some deputies do not try very hard. In addition, a sheriff’s deputies may not be able to start attempting service for quite some time, and the legal documents might need to be served right away. Also, unlike an Oklahoma process server, a sheriff’s deputy always gets his or her salary no matter what, and thus sometimes can care less whether or not the papers actually get served.

A sheriff’s deputy will also not spend time, if needed, waiting and watching for an individual, and will not and often cannot run background reports, etc. While many sheriff’s deputies perform their services meritoriously, they have no need and often no time to cater to clients. Thus, if the serve could turn out to be complicated in any way, shape, or form, a sheriff’s deputy is usually not the best choice.

If a client is known to be potentially dangerous, police officers and the judicial system as a whole will often take the matter much more seriously, if the person being served assaults a sheriff’s deputy. Unfortunately, too many police officers and judges fail to see Oklahoma process servers as human beings who are just trying to do their jobs, and some even take delight in seeing them get assaulted.

One other instance in which hiring a sheriff’s deputy is more advantageous than many other methods is when the service has to be performed on federal property. According to both the Oklahoma Rules of Civil Procedure and the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, an Oklahoma process server has the same legal authority to serve papers as a sheriff’s deputy does. Many personnel in federal prisons and other facilities know this is true, but all too often they simply do not care. Certain federal authorities have a deplorable proclivity to tend to ignore federal and state certain rules and do as they please – even if they intentionally break the law.

Hiring a trained, reputable Oklahoma process server is almost always the best route to take. Professional Oklahoma process servers will often make multiple attempts and often have a much more flexible schedule than sheriff’s deputies do. Process servers can also serve the papers at different times when a sheriff’s deputy does not, and excellent private process servers know important tricks of the trade to help get the job done right. From stakeouts to running special reports, interviewing neighbors, and much more, an outstanding Oklahoma process server like those at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are usually the best people to have help you with your legal case.

It is worth mentioning that, in some limited circumstances, both private process servers and sheriff’s deputies can serve papers by posting them to the person’s door. They then have to mail the same documents out via certified mail right away. Most court cases will not allow for this, and if they do then the monetary awards are usually very limited or even nonexistent.

One other final and much less common way to serve a person or entity is through publication. In this case, the person, business, or governmental agency must publish the appropriate notices in a local/national newspaper or other designated news media outlet. However, this is not permitted without the permission of a judge and is often used as a last resort. Clients must first achieve due diligence, whereby the plaintiff has made every reasonable effort to serve an individual, business, or governmental agency.

[notice title=”What are the differences between the types of service?”]

As noted earlier, service of process can be achieved in several ways, which are briefly described as follow:

  1. Certified Mail – The plaintiff, or the defendant in the event of a countersuit/counterclaim, can send the documents out to the other party via certified mail. The person must sign for the documents, and the courts usually require a return receipt. In some limited circumstances, a judge may determine that no signature is necessary, citing that a person or entity who has mailed the documents out via certified mail is sufficient. This exception, however, usually accompanies other forms of service (i.e., posting the papers to the front door of the place the person getting served lives), or after due diligence has been completed in other ways.
  2. Personal Service – The Oklahoma process server or sheriff’s deputy has personally brought the papers to the individual, business entity, or governmental agency being served.
  3. Substitute Service – The Oklahoma process server or sheriff’s deputy has delivered the court documents to someone over fifteen (15) years of age (i.e., boyfriend, girlfriend, aunt, parent, spouse, etc.). This manner of service also requires that the person who is receiving the documents must reside with the party being served. In cases of a business or governmental agency, process servers in Oklahoma can usually serve anyone who actually works as an employee of the company and is authorized to accept service, unless a jurisdiction requires otherwise. Large businesses often have a legal department, while others have a registered agent that is located elsewhere and accepts all of the legal service documents.
  4. Posting – The process server or sheriff’s deputy has posted the court papers to the door where the person or entity getting served can clearly see them. In most cases in many jurisdictions, the Oklahoma process server or sheriff’s deputy must also subsequently mail the documents out via certified mail at the earliest possible time.
  5. Service by Publication – This is often used as a last resort and is only permitted when specifically allowed by a judge. This is normally allowed, if at all, when an Oklahoma process server and his or her client have made good faith efforts to try to get someone served, and he or she is intentionally doing everything possible to avoid service, etc.

[notice title=”Should I tell the people I am about to take to court to expect that a process server is going to serve them with court papers?”]

Sometimes clients tell us, “Yeah, we just sent them the papers via e-mail, so they know everything is coming.” This is generally not a good idea. Unless the party you are wanting to have served wants the papers and they bring good news, please do not tell them that they are going to get served or otherwise send them a copy of the papers, unless required by law. Doing so only makes the job that much harder for our process servers to complete the serve.

[notice title=”Why is the element of surprise so important for a process server?”]

Process servers often count on the ability to surprise the people they serve with the papers. Unless the clients are expecting the papers and willingly want them, it is usually not in the best interest of the client or the our process servers in Tulsa, Yukon, Moore, Edmond, Oklahoma City, Mustang, Del City, Guthrie, or in any city, county, or other state we serve to give advance notice to the people getting served.

Why let them expect anything? If we can send a process server they will not suspect out to their location, it will help out substantially! The element of surprise is vital for a process server.[/notice]

[notice title=”What is skip tracing and when and why do Oklahoma process servers use it?”]

Skip tracing is the process of trying to locate an information about an individual who is unable to be located. Process servers in Oklahoma or elsewhere might try to search out social media sites, public records, utilities, public records reports, and so much more. Licensed private investigators often have even more enhanced access to information that is not available to the general public. Many of the process servers who work at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are also licensed as private investigators, too. Thus, we can offer you our enhanced skip tracing tactics to try to help locate an elusive individual.

[notice title=”Why should I use a process server from Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?”]

Process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers are true professionals. Our Oklahoma process servers will go out of their way to help ensure that every possible effort is made to get the person, business, or government entity served in a timely manner. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers implements effective, creative tactics specifically tailored to your individual situation. Our Oklahoma process servers have a very high success rate in getting people served. The prices we offer are extremely competitive, and our customer service is the best in the business! Plus, when presented in advance at the time you first request service, our company will meet or beat any written bona fide offers you have from other local competitors.

[notice title=”What is an added benefit that Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers always offers for free that is not always available from other process serving companies?”]

In most cases, Oklahoma Judicial Process servers will happily send you the affidavit of service (AoS) to you just before they put the originals in the mail. This means you will already have a copy of your affidavit of service before the original even arrives in the mail. This gives you the opportunity to have copies of the affidavit of service and, if applicable, the invoice, right away!

[notice title=”What kinds of clients use process servers?”]

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers’ clients have included, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. Attorneys/Law Firms
  2. Individuals
  3. Businesses (i.e., apartment complexes, banks, construction companies, etc.)
  4. Governmental Agencies (i.e., the United States Department of Justice, the California Department of Justice, district attorneys, etc.).

[notice title=”In which local jurisdictions, states, and countries can your process servers effect service on others?”]

Our outstanding process servers will serve papers on people from any jurisdiction allowed by law. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has clients from all over the United States who call us for assistance, as well as people from other countries. We will serve clients in all states and even in other countries, if allowed!

[notice title=”Can you serve papers to individuals on tribal lands?”]

This is a much more difficult task for our process servers to undertake. We have indeed performed service on tribal lands before, but we had full permission from tribal authorities to do so. If we had not had that official written permission beforehand, the people we served could have easily contested the service and would have easily prevailed in court. If a process server does not have permission from the tribal authorities to serve the papers, then a federal marshal or other legally authorized individual will need to so.

[notice title=”Do your process servers do stakeouts? If so, where and when will you go, and how much does it cost to do them?”]

Yes, we definitely provide this service. Our Oklahoma process servers do “wait and watch” stakeouts statewide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We only charge $19.99 per hour for waiting and watching.  Our Oklahoma City process servers try our very best to do this from a position that is not easily visible to the person about to get served. Sometimes this valuable service can be just what you need to catch a client who is hiding out!


[notice title=”Do you need us to send you a picture of the individual(s) we want to have served?”]

The more information you have and can send our process servers, the better!  A picture, whether sent via regular mail, fax, or E-mail, is worth a thousand words.  Making sure we serve the right individual is imperative.  Our company can still try to serve a person without having a photograph of him or her, but it makes the process somewhat more difficult.


[notice title=”What other information is helpful for your Oklahoma process servers to have?”]

We generally ask our clients to fill out a special “Client Questionnaire” form, which is located on our website. When you fill this out, it asks for all kind of information about the individual you want to have served (i.e., driver’s license numbers, family members, other addresses you are authorizing to have checked, etc.). Once again, the more information our process servers have about the person we are serving papers on, the better!


[notice title=”What if the person your process servers are about to serve papers on is suspected or known to be dangerous or mentally unstable?”]

If you even suspect or know for a fact that someone one of our process servers is going to attempt to serve papers on could be dangerous, we insist that you tell us. While we know that it is not always possible to know how someone will react to receiving legal papers, it really helps to know about any potential dangers in advance. That way our process servers can make preparations in advance and might even go out in teams.

A few clients we have worked with have known that the person or persons they have wanted served were quite crazy and/or dangerous, and they did not tell us up front. Withholding this kind of vital information unnecessarily places our Oklahoma process servers in harm’s way. While we try not to treat most serves as “routine” and without any danger, it is extremely important that we have advance warning/notice if you or others you know have any special knowledge.

If someone you ask our process servers to serve papers on turns out to be mentally unstable/dangerous and we find out that you knew about it and did not tell us, there will be substantially higher fees assessed to your final bill. If you tell us beforehand, there is still likely to be an additional “dangerous client” fee, but it will be substantially less than what it will be if you know the client could be mentally unstable/dangerous and do not tell us.


[notice title=”May I authorize a hotel and other expenses, if needed?”]

Yes! Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers’ client questionnaire form gives you the opportunity to authorize whatever additional expenses you like. If you want us to be able to stay in a hotel close to where the person is staying, wait and watch for the individual, search for the person at multiple addresses, etc., you may authorize it either on the client questionnaire and/or over the phone.

In addition, you can also tell us if there are any services you specifically do not want us to perform. Our trained and licensed professional Oklahoma process servers will work diligently with you to help ensure that we perform the services you want that are within your budget.

[notice title=”Do your process servers provide an affidavit of service (AoS)?”]

Yes, we most certainly do!  Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers can definitely use a standard affidavit of service (AoS) form we have on file and often use for many clients.  However, if you have a special form that is tailored to your jurisdiction, please just include it and our Oklahoma process servers will make sure to fill that one out instead.[/notice]

[notice title=”Does the affidavit of service (AoS) need to be notarized?”]

This can depend on the jurisdiction of each court.  In some cases it is not necessary, while in others you definitely need to have the affidavit of service notarized.  Please check with the court clerk in your jurisdiction when initially filing your lawsuit, victim protection order, subpoena, summons, etc.  However, when in doubt and unable to verify whether or not you need to have the affidavit of service notarized, it is better to go ahead and ask us to do so.  It is always better to be safe than sorry!


[notice title=”Do you charge money to notarize affidavits of service (AoS)?”]

As long as our service providers continue not to charge us for notary public services, Oklahoma Judicial Process servers will likewise try to pass on the savings to you.

[notice title=”Does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers file the affidavit of service (AoS)?”]

Upon request, we can file the affidavit of service (AoS) within certain counties within Oklahoma and elsewhere for free.  In some circumstances, it might be possible for us to file it in person in other jurisdictions anywhere in the world, for an additional fee.  We can also mail it anywhere in the world, too. Please check with one of our professional Oklahoma process servers for details.

[notice title=”How long does it take for a process server to serve a client?”]

Our standard service often takes place within in 3-7 working days, depending on how busy we are. Our process server pricing guide also elucidates on the cost of same day service, one-day service, and two-day service. The extra fee you pay places your order ahead of others whose service level is below yours. Thus, if you pay for two-day service, we will start attempt your serve first before we begin those who have ordered standard service. Likewise, if you pay for same day service, we will try to get the person, business, or governmental agency served that very day, which essentially places your serve on a higher priority level than all other clients who have not paid for the same level of service. However, please keep in mind that if we have to make repeated attempts to serve an individual, business, etc., it might have to be performed on subsequent days.

[notice title=”How many addresses will you go to?”]

At Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers, the first address you ask us to check is automatically included with the standard service fee.  For additional fees, we will happily attempt at as many additional addresses as you want.

[notice title=”What if the person I want served does not live at the initial address I provided?”]

For an additional fee, our Oklahoma process servers can attempt to serve the individual(s) at a new address you provide.  Additionally, we can try other addresses you suggest. Given that Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers is also a licensed private investigation agency, we have the ability to pull special reports that are only available to private investigators and law enforcement. These tactics, combined with other tricks of the trade, might possibly help us find additional potential addresses that we can also try to serve the person(s) at. Our process servers and private investigators are skilled experts, and they can sometimes find things that most others cannot.

[notice title=”How many days do I have to get my documents served?”]

Different counties and states all have different rules. Please speak with one of our representatives, or check with the officials located at the court that has jurisdiction over your case. Our process servers will work with you to try to help ensure that your papers are served in a timely manner.

[notice title=”Does the process server have to get the party getting served to sign for the documents?”]

In most cases, an individual, business, or governmental agency one of our Oklahoma process servers is serving papers on does not have to sign for the documents. If this were indeed the case, most process servers would never make the serve, as most people probably would not sign for anything. However, in a few rare circumstances, clients have specifically asked us to try to get the people a process server who works for our company is trying to serve to sign the papers. We cannot make any guarantees that the individual will sign a document, but if you need us to ask, we sure will!


[notice title=”What if the person, business, governmental agency, etc., tries to contest the validity f the service performed by one of your process servers?”]

Our process servers are extremely diligent and will never claim to serve someone that they did not actually serve. Our Oklahoma process servers will always make good faith efforts to follow all of the rules, laws, and ethics of the profession. If the party a process server at our company has served papers on is trying to be difficult, avoid service, cause trouble for you, or contest service, we will happily go to court to testify as to the manner of service, for an additional fee.

The judges in Oklahoma County and elsewhere will usually believe the sworn testimony of an officer of the court over a party who has been served. Of course, if you have reason to believe that the individual might indeed try to contest service for any reason, please let us know beforehand, and we will try to take a photograph or even record the process of how we are serving the individual. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of medicine, so please let us know if our process servers need to be even more proactive than usual when serving papers.

[notice title=”What is your client questionnaire and why do you ask us to fill it out?”]

The client questionnaire form we ask you to fill out has several very useful purposes, and our process servers normally only need it when serving individuals. With this document, you can provide valuable information to our process servers in Oklahoma, such as possible addresses, phone numbers, a physical description of the person(s), and so much more. It also allows you to authorize us to perform certain services, etc. The more information you can provide on this form, the better! 


[notice title=”Does Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers charge extra for serving multiple documents to the same individual, business, or governmental agency?”]

As long as all of the documents pertain to the same case for the same person, we will serve as many documents as you like. In some instances our process servers have received subpoenas, summons, and a plethora of other documents that are all intended for the same person or entity. The cost of serving one piece of paper of a hundred, excluding applicable printing fees, is the same. This means more savings for you!


[notice title=”How many times will your process server go to the first address I provide to attempt service?”]

The number of attempts an Oklahoma process server who works for our company will make varies by county. However, you can easily find this information on the main process server page of our website.


[notice title=”Can your Oklahoma process servers guarantee that service on an individual or company?”]

The highly skilled professional process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers will put forth one hundred ten percent (110%) effort to ensure that the papers you want served are given to the other party. However, we cannot guarantee results, and any process server who does so might be making you a promise that he or she cannot always deliver.

If an individual is completely determined to avoid service, then he or she may be able to do so. That individual can move out of state or even change his or her name. Alternatively, someone can move multiple times to extremely secluded addresses, change his or her phone number, switch jobs, use false social security numbers, vary his or her routines, and so much more. In these instances, the process can often become fairly costly.

While our process servers try to serve people when they think those people will most likely be at a particular location, there is simply no guarantee. Please be wary of any process server or company who can absolutely guarantee you definitive results one hundred percent (100%) of the time, as that is not always realistic. However, our Oklahoma process servers have an excellent track record of locating persons who are intentionally avoiding service. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you!

[notice title=”If your process servers are unable to locate the individual and make the serve, am I still obligated to pay the fees?”]

Our meritorious process servers at Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers will do everything legally permissible that you financially authorize us to do. Our Oklahoma process servers can get extremely creative in their approaches, and our goal is to try to make sure that you are one hundred ten percent (110%) satisfied with everything we do. At the same time, we have to pay our staff and cover all of the associated costs of service. Thus, even if our wonderful process servers are unable to make the serve, you will still owe us for any services we have provided. Please rest assured, however, that any Oklahoma process server who works for our company will always do his or her very best.

[notice title=”What happens if the Oklahoma process server cannot serve the person or company by the date set by the court?”]

Most of the time our process servers find and serve people, businesses, and governmental agencies on time and in good order. In the event the process server cannot find the individual or if the person has moved, etc., the date set by the courts to serve that person may pass. In this case, you will need to get the court date reset and submit a new request to our office.  A new court date might simply entail filing what is called an “alias” and possibly paying some additional fees. Other options may also be available, so please just ask us!

[notice title=”What is the best way for us to get the documents to your Oklahoma process servers?”]

Our Oklahoma process servers can receive your judicial documents in one of several ways, which are as follow:

  • You may deliver the documents to us in person.
  • You may mail the documents to us via the United States Postal Service, FedEx, or UPS. When mailing them to our corporate office, please be sure to put the documents to the attention of the “Process Server Division”. This way they will get to the right division in an expedient manner.
  • You may, for a small fee, e-mail the documents to us at
  • For a small fee, you may also choose to fax the documents to us at (405) 593-3515.

[notice title=”Why should we choose Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers?”]

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers provides excellent customer service, outstanding professionalism, and extremely affordable rates.  We have many dedicated professionals who are quite experienced in their fields.  Many members of our team have one or more university degrees and a wide array of previous experience, which also complement their field experience. We also offer a lower price guarantee for our process serving, private investigations and notary public services. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers guarantees that if you present us with a bona fide offer from a local competitor in advance when first placing your order, we will meet or beat that price![/notice]

[notice title=”What is a good faith estimate and will Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers provide my company with one?”]

A good faith estimate is an estimate of what we think the actual cost of service will be. Our experts will give you this estimate, based upon questions we ask you about your case (i.e., the number people do you want served, whether or not they are avoiding service, whether or not the person is mentally unstable/dangerous, etc.). This estimate is a reflection of what we think in good faith a serve will cost to complete. However, some of the easiest serves can turn out to be extremely difficult, and some of them that should be very hard to do are sometimes really easy to complete. When requested in writing, our wonderful process servers will always provide you with a good faith written estimate before we start services.

[notice title=”Do I need to prepay for the service(s)?”]

In some very difficult cases, we will ask for a retainer up front.  In some cases where the service fee amount is small and/or if we have worked with you before, our dedicated process servers might agree to invoice you for services rendered.  Please note that we will generally not release the affidavit of service, until we have received payment for the balance due.


[notice title=”What is your preferred payment method?”]

We prefer cash, personal/business checks, and money orders.  Paying by those methods help us cut down on the costs we incur, and we want to pass those savings on to you.  However, we also accept checks and credit cards via Paypal, as well as other payment methods. If you pay via a method that costs us money (i.e., Paypal), we reserve the right to charge you for any fees they charge us.


[notice title=”What types of job openings do you have for process servers?”]

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers has employment opportunities for outstanding, dedicated process servers. Our company especially needs Oklahoma process servers who are in more remote areas and not in the larger cities. It is harder to find process servers in these areas, and thus we strongly encourage any process server in Oklahoma who lives in a remote area to apply for a position.

Please check out our downloadable job applications, which are located on the OJPS documents page.  You can send the completed applications and requested attachments back to us via regular mail, fax, or via e-mail.  Please e-mail us at to find out which current job openings we have available.