Oklahoma City Private Investigators Reunite Adoptees with Birth Parents

private eye

As an adoptee, there comes a point where you want to know where you came from, whose nose you have, and whether you have any brothers or sisters. This is a normal way to feel and most children who are adopted want to find out this information […]

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Private investigators and the police in Oklahoma City

Private investigators and the police in Oklahoma City really don’t have a lot in common. A private investigator in OKC has the same privileges and rights as any ordinary citizen. For instance, this means that they can only officially make a legal arrest just like any other […]

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7 Tips That Will Help a Process Server in OKC

Oklahoma Process Server OJPS

What happens when process servers in Oklahoma City get an atypical case? How do they serve individuals when key aspects like their name and address are missing? Here we enlist 7 tips that will help a process server in OKC to tackle such tough serves. Assessing the […]

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Process Servers: Who They are and Why You Need Them

Oklahoma Process Server in OKC

Process servers in OKC are individuals who hand deliver court ordered documents to a defendant. These documents usually let the defendant know that legal action is being taken against them for one reason or another. If there is ever an instance where a defendant cannot personally receive […]

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How a Polygraph Examiner in Oklahoma City can Help Make Clients More Comfortable

Oklahoma Lie Detection Services Polygraph Examiner

Individuals who come in for an Oklahoma polygraph examination are often a little nervous about being there. Clients who come into the office are about to take a lie detection examination, because someone either has or is about to accuse them of stealing something, cheating on a […]

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Why Owners of Oklahoma Process Server Firms Should Help Train Each New Process Server in Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Process Server in Oklahoma City (OKC)

All owners of Oklahoma process server companies should help train their new process servers in Oklahoma City. Owners of these firms have a duty to their clients, their communities and their process server employees. Thus, they owe it to others to have well-trained Oklahoma process servers on […]

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How a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City Can Handle Acquaintances and Fake Friends Who Just Want Free Legal Assistance

Private Detective in Oklahoma City

Every successful private investigator in OKC has probably experienced the multitudes of fake friends and acquaintances who often come crawling out of the woodwork.  Whether they want you to do a free skip trace, cost-free surveillance, or want you to type up a legal document for them, […]

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A Process Server in OKC Should Know How to Get the Best Possible Prices for Each Oklahoma Process Server

Oklahoma Process Server OKC Tulsa Edmond Norman Moore

Oklahoma process servers can know how to get the most money for each serve they do.  How much a process server in OKC should charge often depends on a variety of factors.  Knowing what these are and how to maximize one’s profit can help ensure that an […]

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How to Apply for a Oklahoma Process Server License

How to be a process server in OKC

Applying for a new Oklahoma process server license in Oklahoma County does not have to be difficult nor confusing.  The correct procedure to obtain a process server OKC license is actually quite easy to do.  A process server Oklahoma City does not have to have any formal […]

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The Best Places for a Notary Public OKC to Find Clients

Notary Public Oklahoma City

A great notary public in OKC who is also adept at marketing can find a great deal of success in finding work.  Even though the job market for an Oklahoma notary public continues to move toward the online trend, many banks, judges, and businesses still heavily rely […]

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