Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Talks About What You Can and Cannot Do as a Notary Public

Oklahoma City Public Notary

Being a notary public is, for the most part, a pretty cut and dry job. However, there are a few rules that John Keefe, a notary public in Oklahoma City, would like you to know about. You should also brush up on your knowledge of Notary Public […]

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Resorting to “Nail and Mail” Process Serving as Described by Dr. John Patrick Keefe II

Private Investigation in Oklahoma

There comes a point, after several failed attempts at serving a defendant, to embark upon the “nail and mail” method of process serving. John Keefe II has had to turn to this method a time or two to get the job done. To serve a defendant in […]

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Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Gets Real About Process Server Dress Codes

Oklahoma Process Server Dress Code

Although there are no set guidelines for the type of dress code regulations that process server officers should adhere to, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II wants you to know a few things about your appearance. You are a representative of the legal system, regardless if you wear […]

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Helpful Telephone Tips for the Private Investigator

Private Investigation

Contrary to popular belief, the standard weapon of choice used by private investigators is not a gun, but rather a telephone. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a private investigator in Oklahoma City, can attest to that. Knowing all that you can about your telephone is wise. There […]

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How to Find Anyone: Lessons with Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a Master Process Server

Process Server Guru

There is a reason why Dr. John Patrick Keefe II is such a successful process server. He has many years of experience and has honed his serving capabilities along the way. If you follow this list of simple guidelines, you too will be a process serving guru. […]

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Notary Public Horror Stories: Things You Should NEVER do as a Professional Public Notary

Oklahoma Notary Public

As a professional public notary, there are a few things you should never do while on a signing job. Most of these things are purely common sense. If you lack commons sense, perhaps being a public notary is not the job for you. Dr. John Patrick Keefe […]

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Innocent or Guilty: Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Contends That All Criminal Defendants Deserve The Presumption of Innocence and the benefit of the Doubt


Intro: In the United States of America the criminal justice system is often weighted far too heavily in favour of the prosecution. City, state and federal prosecutors alike have access to substantial resources that many criminal defendants simply do not have, such as the ability to afford […]

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How to Serve Your Son or Daughter Court Documents

Process Server

This is a such a sensitive topic for some people, and for good reason. It’s one thing to have to serve strangers with court papers, but your own child? That’s a whole new ballgame. However, these things sometimes need to be done. Just because a person may […]

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“You’ve Been Served.” Should You Say it, Or Save It?

Process Server

We’ve all heard this term used in the movies and in television. The scene is always the same. A process server will hand papers to an unsuspected man or woman, and as soon as the documents are exchanged, you hear, “You’ve been served!” Is this occurrence only […]

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“Dr. John Patrick Keefe II Examines What Skip Tracing is and Why it’s Important”

Skip Trace Services

Sometimes people that a process server in OKC is trying hard to locate are super slippery and evasive. A client is demanding immediate results, and time for proper service of court papers is simply running out. Whatever is a process server in Oklahoma City to do? Dr. […]

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