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Avoiding Burnout: How Private Detectives, Process Servers and Notary Public Officials Can Thrive Longer

All too often in life, many people work extremely hard and then later find themselves tired of their jobs.  They no longer want to do the work and may not even try their very best.  While it is true that most people seldom find each and every […]

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Why Oklahoma Bodyguards and Private Security Officers Should Look for Threats Via Facial Expressions, Emotions and Body Language

Bodyguards and private security officers can face a wide variety of threats from a number of sources.  From wayward ducks to homicidal maniacs, many threats abound.  It is the responsibility of the Oklahoma bodyguard or private security officer to remain on constant vigilance for these potential threats, […]

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The Importance of Security Guards and Personal Body Guards in Oklahoma

Security guards in Oklahoma can play a vital role in the security aspect of protecting property. From promoting the company’s image to protecting others and keeping the peace, they serve in a variety of capacities and perform various functions.

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Oklahoma Bodyguard – How to Properly Protect Your Client

When someone hires a bodyguard to provide them personal protection, it is vital that they understand that they will receive the best protection possible. Individuals seeking the assistance of a personal bodyguard need to understand several things before they hire someone. Likewise, the bodyguard should thoroughly seek to find out all of the circumstances before protecting a client, so he or she can do the best possible job.

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Employment Applications

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers offers the following employment applications online in PDF format.

Process Server
Private Investigator
Notary Public
Expert Witness
Deception Expert-Polygraph Examiner

Process Server Forms

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