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When presented in advance and in writing, our Oklahoma process server, Oklahoma private investigator, bail bondsman in OKC, notary public in OKC, polygraph examiner in OKC, bodyguard in OKC, etc., will meet or beat any bona fide offer you receive from other local, licensed/commissioned and bonded process servers in OKC, Oklahoma private investigator, bail bondsman in OKC, notary public in OKC, bodyguard in OKC, etc., in the State of Oklahoma.

Process Server

Oklahoma Process Server, Service of Process, Process Service Oklahoma City

Our Oklahoma Process Servers have been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens covering all of the Oklahoma Court systems.

Oklahoma Process Server

Private Investigation

Private Investigation, Private Detective, Oklahoma Private Investigator

Private Investigation, Private Detective and Oklahoma Private Investigator. Our private investigation OKC division proudly offers services to professionals, private individuals, corporate, and governmental agencies.

Oklahoma City Private Investigator

Notary Public

Notary Public Service, Notary Public Oklahoma City, Mobile Notary

Notary Public OKC Services, Notary Public Oklahoma City and Mobile Notary. Our notary public in OKC provides experienced certified Oklahoma notary public services.

Oklahoma City Notary Public

Oklahoma Bodyguard

Oklahoma Process Servers provides professional bodyguard in OKC services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens all over Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Bodyguards

Security Services

Our trained armed and unarmed Oklahoma private security professionals are available to meet all of your personal security needs. Our Oklahoma security guard department focuses on a broad range of clients.

OKC Security Services

Expert Witness Testimony

Oklahoma Process Servers has a wide range of expert witness testimony available to you. Medical Experts, Legal/Judicial/Court Experts, Education Experts, Computer Experts, Law Enforcement Experts and more…

Expert Witness Testimony

Bail Bonds

Our bail bondsmen in OKC are some of the most affordable and experienced OKC bail bonds professionals around. Our bail bonds in OKC team is here and stands ready to help you and your loved ones with all of your Oklahoma bail bond needs. Our bail bonds Oklahoma City agents will diligently help you, so you can get out of jail and work on proving your innocence with your bail bonds OKC.

Bail Bonds in OKC

Lie Detection

The Oklahoma lie detection division has two somewhat different but very important units: deception experts and Oklahoma polygraph examiners. Our deception experts sometimes collaborate seamlessly with our Oklahoma polygraph examiners and vice versa.

Oklahoma Lie Detection and Polygraph

Document Retrieval

Our Oklahoma document retrieval experts offer this Oklahoma document retrieval service for clients all throughout the State of Oklahoma. Our document retrieval OKC staff will help you file and retrieve your legal documents, titles, etc., from all of the court clerk offices in Oklahoma, for your document retrieval Oklahoma City needs.

Oklahoma Document Retrieval

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Oklahoma Process Server Frequently Asked Questions

Visit the Oklahoma Process Server frequently asked questions page and stay informed!

Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers

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Oklahoma Process Server Team

Our Oklahoma process server team is familiar with local, state and national laws. Each process server in Oklahoma City will help ensure that the other process servers in OKC try to serve your court papers quickly and within your time constraints. This will allow you to go forward with the legal action that you are trying to pursue, for all of your Oklahoma process server needs.

By using an Oklahoma process server, the judicial system can make a faster decision because they will have all of the information they need right at hand. Whether the process server in OKC serves a summons and complaint, a small claims affidavit, a cross complaint, a writ, a wage garnishment, a bank levy or subpoena, etc., the work that an outstanding process server in OKC provides for our clients is nationally recognized.

Oklahoma Process Server Professional Services

Our Oklahoma Process Server has been providing professional services to large and small businesses, law firms, insurance companies and private citizens covering all of the Oklahoma Court system. Staffed by professional Oklahoma process servers and Oklahoma private investigators and bail bondsmen, each Oklahoma City process server is trained to deal with all aspects of a process server OKC job, on-site document reproduction and Oklahoma private investigations. Every process server OKC and private investigator in OKC at our firm has passed an extensive training program, ensuring that every process server in Oklahoma City, private investigator in OKC, bail bonds in OKC, Oklahoma polygraph examiner, notary public in OKC, bodyguard in OKC, Oklahoma document retrieval specialist, expert witness testimony, and private security Oklahoma City staff we have is well-qualified and reliable.

Oklahoma Process Server Utilizes Sophisticated Investigative Techniques

Oklahoma Process Server utilizes sophisticated investigative techniques and incorporates the latest technology. This, coupled with our agency’s tried-and-true, street-smart investigative experience, provides our process server Oklahoma City clients with the best possible Oklahoma process server experience. OJPS’s process servers in Oklahoma City excel in solving problems involving complex issues. No matter what your need, you will find each Oklahoma process server, private investigator OKC, bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, etc., to be extremely knowledgeable, skilled and professional.

The Finest Oklahoma Process Server in Every County

We have the finest Oklahoma process servers in every county within Oklahoma. Our firm also offers private investigators, as well as Oklahoma notary public and expert witness testimony Oklahoma services at excellent rates! Some of the many cities we serve all throughout Oklahoma include, but are certainly not limited to, Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Del City, Midwest City, Bethany, Yukon, Mustang, El Reno, Stillwater, Lawton, Tulsa, Guthrie, Choctaw, Chickasha, Ada, Muskogee, Nichols Hills, Shawnee, Ponca City & elsewhere!

Oklahoma Judicial Process Server Divisions

To learn more about our professional services please choose from the divisions below.

Bail Bonds OKC Division

OJPS also has really outstanding bail bonds in OKC. If you have ever found yourself, your family, or your friends stuck in jail, then you know just how important it is to get out quickly! You can reach a bail bondsman in OKC today by calling (405) 593-3515 or by e-mailing us! Whether you are in the Oklahoma County Jail or elsewhere, a bail bondsman in OKC will help walk you through the process. Each bail bondsman in OKC is . . .

• Properly licensed by the state of Oklahoma as a bail bondsman OKC
• Each bail bondsman OKC is very familiar with the bail bonds OKC process.
• Your bail bondsman OKC is assessable to you and your loved ones in your time of need.
• Each bail bondsman OKC is very friendly, equitable, efficient, and cares about helping you get out of jail FAST with your bail bonds OKC!
There is no better time like the present to secure your cheap and easy bail bonds OKC! When the co-signer comes by our office at 2519 S.W. 59th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119, please have him or her bring the following:
• Copy of his or her state or federal ID
• Last paycheck stub
• Current utility bill
• Bond premium

In order for a bail bondsman OKC to bond you out of jail with bail bonds OKC from our company, each co-signer and defendant must meet the following qualifications:

• Have at least ½ the bond premium for your bail bonds OKC
• Have a valid state or federal ID
• You must be a lawful permanent resident or U.S. Citisen. We regret that we do not help those who are here in this country illegally, as the risk of bond jumping is simply too high.
• The defendant must not have been returned to custody by another bondsman.
• The defendant must not have more than two (2) failures to appear (FTA) charges against him or her, for bail bonds OKC from our company.
• The job type for the co-signers must be commensurate with the bond amount. If the bond amount is $20,000, then the co-signers cannot simply work at McDonald’s. The amount that the co-signers might have to pay to the bail bondsman OKC if the defendant skips court, is unlikely to be produced by a nearly minimum wage job.
• Each bail bondsman OKC at our office has to feel completely comfortable with the defendants and the co-signers. If for any reason any bail bondsman OKC does not, then each bail bondsman OKC has the right to refuse the requests for bail bonds OKC.

Each fast and friendly bail bondsman OKC will quickly yet thoroughly review your documents and case. The bail bondsman OKC will help you get the bail bonds OKC that you deserve! Please call (405) 593-3515 today or stop by our office for all of your Oklahoma bail bonds!

Private Investigator OKC Division

There are always times in our lives when we need an exceptional private investigator OKC. Whether a child has been kidnapped or one spouse suspects another of cheating, Oklahoma private investigators can really help. Each private investigator OKC at our firm is properly licensed and trained to investigate both civil and criminal Oklahoma private investigation matters.

When time and money are of the essence, do not just trust your matter to any novice when you can have a private investigator Oklahoma City from OJPS! If you hire the wrong private investigator OKC, can you really afford to experience the chaos and confusion . . .?

• What happens if you hire private investigator Oklahoma City who charges too much?
• A private investigator OKC who is too inexperienced could botch your precious case!
• Some Oklahoma private investigators are unethical and will cheat you out of your money for their private investigations OKC.
• Should your Oklahoma private investigation case go to trial, what happens if your private investigator OKC has a bad reputation and no one believes his or her courtroom testimony?

See what could happen if you call the wrong private investigator OKC for your private investigation Oklahoma City? Don’t put the ball into the other person’s court nor stack the legal deck against yourself. Call a licensed private investigator OKC at (405) 606-4067 now to help you with your Oklahoma City private investigation case! You may also e-mail our Oklahoma private investigators here!

The following is a partial list of some of the things a private investigator OKC can help you with:

• Intelligence/Counterintelligence
• Missing children cases
• Cheating spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends
• Child custody cases
• Workman’s Compensation & Disability Cases
• Fraud
• All surveillance cases
• More!

Does this work that a private investigator Oklahoma City can do sound like something that might benefit you? Then call a private investigator OKC for all of your private investigations Oklahoma City today. Our Oklahoma private investigators will help you get the results you need! Please call (405) 593-3515 now!

Polygraph Examiner and Lie Detection Division

Think you will never need an Oklahoma polygraph examiner to help you find the truth? Think again! Most times when we need lie detection OKC, we find ourselves at a loss as to which person we m ust ask for help. To whom do we turn to conduct a polygraph examination Oklahoma City? Which polygraph examiner Oklahoma City will help most in your time of uncertainty and need? How much will it cost for lie detection OKC? You need answers and you need them now from a licensed Oklahoma polygraph examiner!

Please let our polygraph examiner OKC experts help you find out what you need to know. The following is a partial list of questions that an experienced, licensed polygraph examiner OKC can help with:

• Did my spouse cheat on me with another lover?
• Did my brother sexually molest my son or daughter?
• Did my friend steal my wedding ring and pawn it?
• Where was my aunt on the night of my mother’s murder?

There really has been no better possible time than TODAY to contact an Oklahoma polygraph examiner for all of your lie detection OKC needs! You can get a fast and inexpensive polygraph examination Oklahoma City now! Please call for a polygraph examination OKC now at (405) 593-3515 or e-mail a Oklahoma City polygraph examiner today!

Notary Public OKC Division

You always need a notary public OKC when it is difficult to find one! A notary public OKC from our Oklahoma notary public division serves to notarise documents and verify identity. A notary public Oklahoma City from our company can notarise your documents either at our office or at almost any place you desire! The following is just a partial list of documents that a notary public OKC can notarise for you:

• Living Wills
• Durable Powers of Attorney
• Medical Powers of Attorney
• Last Wills & Testaments
• Contractual Agreements
• Car Titles
• Letters of Authorisation & Official Permission Slips
• More!

Each notary public OKC we have can assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Please call (405) 593-3515 and set up an appointment with a notary public Oklahoma City or e-mail a mobile notary OKC now! You may also click here to go to our main Oklahoma notary public page for all of our notary public OKC prices!

Document Retrieval OKC Division

Our document retrieval OKC division will happily go to the court houses and will retrieve all of your documents for you! Oklahoma document retrieval can take time, but each document retrieval Oklahoma City specialist has that time and will both file and retrieve your documents for you.

If you think that document retrieval or filing will cost too much, then kindly think again! Our Oklahoma document retrieval and filing services are actually very affordable, and you may visit our main document retrieval OKC page here. If you have questions about document retrieval OKC, please just call us at (405) 593-3515 or e-mail an OKC document retrieval agent now!

Bodyguard OKC Division

No one likes to face threats of imminent danger! This is where having a trained, experienced bodyguard OKC can prove to be invaluable. While economists may disagree, you really cannot put a value on life. Is your life or the life of someone close to you worth the extra protection that a bodyguard Oklahoma City can provide you with? What would happen if someone killed you or at least tried to? Are you seeking the comfort and security that only a trained Oklahoma bodyguard can provide? Skilled Oklahoma City bodyguards can often help with the following types of cases:

• Someone is stalking you, and the police and courts cannot or will not do much to assist you!
• An angry boyfriend/girlfriend or deranged former lover decides that he or she “wants you back” for “good”.
• You are having to travel overseas in unfamiliar territories, and you do not know what to expect or from whom.
• You are a high profile business executive, movie/music star, or religious leader, and would-be attackers could potentially come out of nowhere just “because”.
• Your teenage daughter is going out to a party with friends, and they could have illegal drugs, weapons and even alcohol there. Who will possibly protect Daddy’s Little Girl?

Can you really afford to carry this kind of dangerous risk? The unknown could cost you or someone you love his or her life! Please call a bodyguard OKC at (405) 593-3515 now and put your mind at rest. An Oklahoma City bodyguard will review your case with you and will happily provide you with a fast, friendly and affordable evaluation of your case/price quote. Your life depends on it!

Private security OKC Division

If your risk level is a bit lower, then perhaps you might wish to opt for an armed private security guard instead of a bodyguard OKC. Our firm also has many Oklahoma security guards who can patrol your business and who can provide the added security you need at your . . .

• Special party/event
• Religious institution
• Nonprofit organisation
• Corporation/Business
• Home & Private Lands

Armed security guards OKC from our company are very affordable. Please visit our private security guard OKC page today or call (405) 593-3515 for a free armed security guard OKC quote!

Expert Witness Testimony Division

Courts often rely upon expert witness testimony from Oklahoma expert witnesses for court cases! Which side will the judge and jury believe – you or your opponent? What is an Oklahoma expert witness and what does an expert witness OKC even do? You say you do not know? Let us explain . . .

Expert witnesses OKC provide expert witness testimony OKC. These individuals have specialised knowledge, skills and training which qualify them as expert witnesses Oklahoma. These Oklahoma expert witnesses carefully evaluate your case, and an expert witness Oklahoma City can help a judge and jury decide what to believe and why. Attorneys can and often do misconstrue and misuse facts and figures, so an expert witness OKC can provide the expert witness testimony OKC that will help make sense of it all. Do not trust your hands and your future in the eyes of the law to fate! Make the legal system work for you and persuade the other side!

Some issues that Oklahoma expert witness testimony can help with are as follow:

  • • Are you fighting for your life in a murder trial?
  • • Did your wife really suffer from a psychotic episode just before she killed your daughter?
  • • What really caused your beloved relative’s death?
  • • What caused the car to be on fire?
  • • Why did the level quality of education that a school district purportedly provided to a student grossly fail to adequately meet his or her needs?


Please come in today to see how Oklahoma expert witness testimony can help benefit you! A skilled, trained, experienced expert witness Oklahoma City might just help tip the odds of your legal case in your favour. You have so much to lose if you do not contact us now, so call us for expert witness testimony today at (405) 593-3515!

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